• Galvanised steel
  • 3 mm plate thickness


  • Hardwood from sustainable source
  • planed
  • 68 x 28 x 1365mm (2x)
  • 90 x 28 x 1365mm (2x)

What is in the Klap-bank Easy-package:

  • 2x Hardwood 68 x 28 x 1365 mm
  • 2x Hardwood 90 x 28 x 1365 mm
  • 2x Galvanised Hinges
  • 8x M6 galvanised steel lockbolts
  • 8x M6 galvanised steel nuts
  • 8x M6 galvanised steel washers
  • 6x M8 galvanised steel anchorbolts
  • 6x M8 galvanised steel nuts
  • 6x M8 galvanised steel washers
  • 1x Clear manual
  • 1x Drill hole mold


You will receive a pair of one and only Klap-bank hinges. Nothing more, nothing less!

You will receive a package of the genuine Klap-bank Easy. The package consist of 2 hinges, 4 hardwood planks, all the bolts, nuts and washers you need, manual, spanner, concrete drill bit and a drill hole mold.

The story behind

From the Swiss mountains

We moved all the chairs to the front of the house. It was the first warm day in spring and the evening sun still shone bright. After an evening of laughter, food and drinks we had to drag all the chairs back in again. This hassle made me long for a bench in front of the house. But as I looked around no bench satisfied: benches get wet, dirty, take space or decay. I almost gave up my search for the ideal bench.

The next spring we stayed with friends on a mountain in Switzerland. In the morning we had breakfast with a spectaculair view. Before we could sit down, we had to unfold the bench. Although the weather, the bench was dry and clean. So there it was, the ideal bench!

To the urban evening sun

The Swiss bench was easy to fold and unfold, but it still had fixed legs where the seat would rest on. Perfect for mountains, but it would stand in the way in front of my house. So I searched for special hinges that would rest on themselves. Unfortunately no web or local shop seem to have hinges that could hold the weight or bend the way it should. So I decided to design my own solid, weatherproof and easy foldable hinges.

To Kickstarter!

We enjoyed many urban sunsets on the brand-new bench. And every time we sat there, people would ask where they could buy it. This finally let me think of producing the foldable wall mounted benches, so others could enjoy it too! And now it’s on the best place to start: Kickstarter.


Where to use


Small Balcony

Urban Garden

But also …

  • Underneath your coatrack, to put on your shoes
  • Daytime the walkway becomes in nighttime a fireplace
  • Outside smoking area in your company
  • In front of your shop, bar or restaurant
  • Everywhere the sun shines on a wall!


  • What does Klap-bank mean?

    Klap-bank is Dutch, meaning fold-bench.

  • How can I buy Klap-bank?

    You can soon pre-order Klap-bank on the site.

    But you can always send us a mail and we keep you updated.

  • Can I mount my Klap-bank on every surface?

    You could, but we recommend a hard surface like a stone wall.

    If you want to mount Klap-bank on a wooden surface, be sure the hinges mounted on a construction bar. Otherwise it could press through the wood.

  • Is it difficult to mount Klap-bank?

    No, not really.

    The most difficult part is drilling 8 holes in the wall. But Klap-bank is delivered with a drill hole mold to easy mark the holes. After this you only have to put the bolts in the holes, tighten the nuts and serve some drinks afterwards…

  • Can I paint my Klap-bank?

    You can, but there is no need for it.

    Unprotected hardwood will last 20 to 25 years outside and galvanised metal can last forever (if it is not damaged). The outside part of the wood will get grey after a while. The inside will hold it color.

    Bear in mind, if you paint, you have to maintain the Klap-bank every 2 to 3 years to keep the paint job beautiful.

    If you don’t want to paint, but still want to maintain the color of the wood, you can oil the wood. It is less labor-intensive than painting.

  • Is the Klap-bank also available in a different size?

    We offer also seat and backrest planks without holes, so you can cut your planks in any size up to 1365 mm for your own custom Klap-bank.

    In Kickstarter choose Klap-bank custom Easy or Klap-bank custom Cosy.